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Hi! Welcome to my personal site. I live and work in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada Nottingham, UK. I've taught Web technologies at both Seneca College and Humber College, knitting and bookbinding classes at various shops in Toronto and Owen Sound. I have delivered social and technical presentations at IT conferences across North America, Europe, and New Zealand. My conference presentations have addressed: database migration, version control (Bazaar and Git), Drupal, women in open source, taking the SME business on-line, and community building. A list of upcoming and recent (technical) presentations is available from my Speaking page.

On-line I've gained popularity for knitting the drupal socks building the original community version of the popular online community (under contract for Kim Werker), my involvement with The Linux Documentation Project, installing Debian on a remote server (sadly the mailing list archive with my tutorial is now filled with spam but I did find my notes), acting as an standards advocate with the Web Standards Project and generally being a woman in open source.

In print I am best known for my first book (co-authored with Konstantin Kaefer), Front End Drupal. My second book, Drupal User's Guide, is quickly gaining popularity as being the go-to book for new-to-Drupal Web site builders. I have contributions in Linux Desktop Hacks (Hack #96), Shannon Okey's Alt Fiber (sock pattern) and Drupal's Building Blocks. I make an appearance in The Yarn Harlot's book Knitting Rules! for my sweater disaster. I occasionally write for a regional magazine, Mosaic, and have also written for Linux Pro Magazine, and Drupal Watchdog.

For fun I do various crafts (most are related to garment sewing, quilting, spinning, knitting, crochet, weaving and sometimes the paper arts and bookbinding). I'm a beekeeper and a (sometimes lapsed) member of the Sydenham Sportsmen's Association, The Green Party of Ontario and Canada, the Drupal Association, and the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

I have food allergies too.

For a more complete bio you can read about me on Wikipedia where information about me is maintained as part of the biography project.

About the Tools

This site is currently running Drupal 6. The theme changes on a somewhat regular basis, but right now it's running a variation of "Black and White." If you like it, you can get it here. The twitter bird is from here; and the RSS icon is from there (a great set which Eaton told me about). Currently my main computer is an 11" MacBook Air, but for 10+ years before that I ran various Linux distributions (mostly Debian based) on my main computer. My text editor of choice is (still) Vim.

Drupal User's Guide

Drupal User's Guide

Site building for Drupal 7. Includes in-depth information on Drupal's most popular site building modules, SEO and accessibility. Two complete case studies are included in the book along with the tools you'll need to build (almost) any Web site with Drupal.

Available from

Front End Drupal

Front End Drupal

The industry go-to for learning theming in Drupal 6. A great companion to Lullabot's book, Using Drupal.

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