Gloria's Hive Likes it Hot

It was a cold spring this year. The furnace was still running at night when I picked up the ladies and set them up at my dad's place out near Lake Charles. I'd read a couple of books over the winter attended a half day workshop on beekeeping, and now I'm a beekeeper. It turns out though, you don't really look after a hive so much as look at it. With 10,000 years of genetics on their side, it's easier to adapt to what the bees want than try to impose what you want.

It started with the supersedure cells and the swarm cells—special formations from which a new queen is hatched. These little peanut shell-shaped formations signalled that mutiny was imminent. On each of my weekly visits there were new peanut shells. It was heart breaking that the ladies weren't happy. I phoned people in a panic and the answer seem to be, “Your hive isn't happy. Get a new queen.”


Tobermory Hike

My home town of Owen Sound is along the route of the Bruce Trail. I've hiked bits of it but only the "best" bits near Owen Sound and Wiarton. Looking for more reasons to get outdoors we've decided to hike the trail. Not end-to-end in order...but as the mood strikes. Our first stop was at Suntrail Outfitters where we picked up a compass and a pedometer. (The compass came in handy when we lost the trail in the parking lot of the Bruce Peninsula National Park visitor centre.) Our second stop was at Harvest Moon Bakery to pick up some trail snacks.

A quick makeover

Last week I teamed up with Lullabot for a super awesome give-away: five copies of my latest book (which *I* don't even have a copy of yet) were given away via Twitter. The contest is closed, but follow @diwd as I'm pretty sure they've got something else up their sleeve (*hint*hint*).

What does this have to do with a make-over? Well. Some time ago I whipped together a quick (and really dirty) theme for my personal site. I was trying to separate my "tech" writing from my "human" (craft/cooking/gardening) writing for various reasons that made a lot of sense at the time. And then I got really busy doing a lot of other things and pretty much stopped blogging. (Sound familiar?) I'd been trying to think of a way to solve the front page, but it was just never really a priority.

Drupal User's Guide

Drupal User's Guide

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Front End Drupal

Front End Drupal

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