Drupal Knitting Charts

I have finally released the first version of the Drupal logo knit charts. They are released under the GPL (to match the logo's original licensing). In the spirit of open source I have also submitted the charts back to the project. Attached to the bottom of this page is the full kit of charts. Please note the charts are reverse engineered from a photo of the original knitted sock heel.

Drupal HeelDrupal Drop ChartDrupal Drop Chart (heel)

In the kit you will find:

  • Drop chart as a PNG (also reversed for sock heels)
  • Output from the KnitPro logo converter with more detailed colours (screen shot and PDF)
  • A close-up of the original heel (shown above)
  • Charts in Excel and OpenOffice.org formats so that you may alter the charts (we'll call this the "source files")
  • A simplied drop logo with only three colours (the logo that was used for the KnitPro chart)

Additional, useful resources include:

drupal-knit-charts.zip207.7 KB

I can't believe you finished

I can't believe you finished a knitting pattern while at a conference in a place that rhymes with egghead. You are a marvel! I hope the session goes well.

I still want me one of them shirt-to-skirts. I might have to work myself up to a drupal sock. ;-)

Hey, you're on Craft again!

Hey, you're on Craft again! :)

You're an open-source

You're an open-source knitting world-traveller rock star. And I heart you.

I suppose I need to actually

I suppose I need to actually formalize my patterns and charts and submit mine as well.

I need to make me some Drupal socks now though... What yarn did you use?

Those are so cute that I

Those are so cute that I could learn this knitting just to able to do those to me and my family :)

Thanks, Emma Jane! Your

Thanks, Emma Jane! Your pattern was an inspiration for my Christmas gift this year. My wife made these awesome Drupal socks for me. See the photo towards the bottom. Her pattern is there to download, as well, if you wish.


Hi! My name's Vlad. Now I'm

Hi! My name's Vlad. Now I'm working on the article about you from the FullCircle magazine for the russian edition and I've read about your socks. It's great! You're the best girl in OpenSource community! :)I beg your pardon for my bad english.;)

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