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Helping people work better together. Author of Git for Teams.

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Emma Jane Hogbin Westby is an internationally renowned open source software advocate, technical author, and teacher. In January 2010 she was recognized by The Google Diversity Programme for her efforts in increasing female participation in software development. She is a frequent speaker at open source conferences in Canada, US, and Europe and has volunteered for several open source projects, including Drupal, The Linux Documentation Project, and Ubuntu.

In addition to her engaging conference presentations, Emma has also worked as a technical college instructor, as a curriculum developer, and has successfully run her own training business. Emma has been teaching internet technology since 2002, and is the author of Front End Drupal and Drupal User’s Guide.

Emma encourages non-traditional participation in technology through craft and believes that everyone is capable of mastering the tools that surround them. To help engage new ways of participating in technology, she open sourced one of her knitting patterns so that you can make your very own Drupal Socks (as featured in CRAFTzine). You can follow her adventures on Twitter at @emmajanehw.

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Drupal User's Guide

Drupal User's Guide

Site building for Drupal 7. Includes in-depth information on Drupal's most popular site building modules, SEO and accessibility. Two complete case studies are included in the book along with the tools you'll need to build (almost) any Web site with Drupal.

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Front End Drupal

Front End Drupal

The industry go-to for learning theming in Drupal 6. A great companion to Lullabot's book, Using Drupal.

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