Tobermory Hike

My home town of Owen Sound is along the route of the Bruce Trail. I've hiked bits of it but only the "best" bits near Owen Sound and Wiarton. Looking for more reasons to get outdoors we've decided to hike the trail. Not end-to-end in order...but as the mood strikes. Our first stop was at Suntrail Outfitters where we picked up a compass and a pedometer. (The compass came in handy when we lost the trail in the parking lot of the Bruce Peninsula National Park visitor centre.) Our second stop was at Harvest Moon Bakery to pick up some trail snacks.

Fundraising like a 12-year-old

At the nomination meeting on Tuesday my nephew once again stole the show. The first time he stole the show was during Dick Hibma's campaign. The story went something like this:

Zach's dad: "Where did all this stuff come from?"
Zach: "It's for Dick Hibma's campaign. They dropped it off here."
Zach's dad: "You know you're not allowed to open the door for strangers!"
Zach: "Dad. He's not a stranger. Everyone knows who Dick Hibma is."

See Zach's also a newspaper carrier. He keeps up-to-date on the things that happen in our area. And he is one of my biggest supporters. During the fund raising portion of the nomination meeting on Tuesday Zach pledge $50 of his own money to my campaign. He's 12.

Want to make Zach's dollar go further? Pledge a few of your own dollars by clicking on this link. If you live in Canada you can even get a bit back come tax time. ... unlike Zach who's too young to get the tax break that comes with his first political contribution.

Thanks Zach, you rock!

Wanted: "thoughtful fun" activity leaders

Do you have friends? Do you have an activity in mind that you'd like to host? What can I do to help you make your first activity day/morning/afternoon/evening happen THIS MONTH?

My goal: create a kit for others to host their own "activity day" based on real-life, successful activity days.

The activities should be something that can happen with a group of friends (5-10 people) and hosted at a person's house. Last night I mentioned craft-specific activities such as scrapbooking, DIY t-shirts. But the activities could also be guided nature walks, clean-up-the-park (garbage picking), or ... you name it!! Pick something that's fun and that you already know your friends will enjoy. Add a Green theme to your activity (creating an "outdoor" scrapbook layout, making campaign t-shirts, watching a green-themed movie, making music/jam night etc) and give it a purpose (celebrate the end of summer, celebrate the cherry tomato harvest, you can even make it political if you think your friends would be "ok" with that).

Let me know what your ideas are and let's get this party started!

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