Tobermory Hike

My home town of Owen Sound is along the route of the Bruce Trail. I've hiked bits of it but only the "best" bits near Owen Sound and Wiarton. Looking for more reasons to get outdoors we've decided to hike the trail. Not end-to-end in order...but as the mood strikes. Our first stop was at Suntrail Outfitters where we picked up a compass and a pedometer. (The compass came in handy when we lost the trail in the parking lot of the Bruce Peninsula National Park visitor centre.) Our second stop was at Harvest Moon Bakery to pick up some trail snacks.

DSC09247 Bruce Trail, east of Tobermory

Looking into Georgian Bay from the Bruce Trail Forest floor, Bruce Trail

The trail definitely warranted the heavy-duty hiking footwear we were wearing. The round trip clocked just under 15,000 steps and was approximately 10km (5km out and back). Only 880km more to go to finish the trail!

This is awesome... pretty

This is awesome... pretty sure it's an album waiting to be made!

If we get out at least once a

If we get out at least once a month and walk 5km of the trail each'll only take us 14 YEARS! to finish the trail. How about pages in an album...?

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