DIY Crafts

I like to make stuff. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 8, my father is a wood artist and my mother was a bookbinder before she decided to have a book shop instead. For several years book arts were my primary source of income. At the time I wrote several instructional pieces on how to DIY in the book arts. All of the instructions that are linked from this page are free for you to download and use. I have a separate site which includes notes from my sewing projects.


The Drupalicon chart for knitting socks and hats has its own page.

Drupal Heel

Book Arts

These downloadable PDFs teach you how to make books and paper and stuff! There are several different options. Download 'em all and get crafting!

Long stitch binding - Download the Long Stitch Binding PDF

Knit cover book Wood spine

Coptic binding - Download the instructions to make Coptic Bound Books (PDF)

Wooden Coptic Endgrain applewood   Melanie Testa's Journal

Paste papers - Download the instructions on how to decorate your own papers

Paste paperPaste paper Case bound book


Hand made paper - No photos available...apparently. But there are instructions!

Git for Teams

Git For Teams

Best selling title from O'Reilly media. Covers essential skills needed to use Git in a team environment.

Available from O'Reilly media, and better bookstores worldwide.

Collaborating with Git

Collaborating with Git

Practical how-to videos to get you, and your team, up and running with Git. A complementary video series for the book, Git for Teams.

Available from O'Reilly media.

Drupal User's Guide

Drupal User's Guide

Site building for Drupal 7. Includes in-depth information on Drupal's most popular site building modules, SEO and accessibility. Two complete case studies are included in the book along with the tools you'll need to build (almost) any Web site with Drupal.

Available from

Front End Drupal

Front End Drupal

The industry go-to for learning theming in Drupal 6. A great companion to Lullabot's book, Using Drupal.

Available from