The hardest thing I do each day is imagine who I want to become.


In 2014 I released a set of videos with O’Reilly: Collaborating with Git. The companion book, Git for Teams, was released September 2015 and is a best seller. My previous books (Drupal User’s Guide; and Front End Drupal) and videos (Drupal Fundamentals) were published with Prentice Hall.

With contributions in Jono Bacon’s Linux Desktop Hacks, Earl and Lynette Miles’ Drupal’s Building Blocks, and Shannon Okey’s knitting pattern book Alt Fiber, you might say I have a rather diverse (but technical) set of interests. I make an appearance in The Yarn Harlot’s book Knitting Rules! for my sweater disaster. I occasionally write for magazines such as Linux Pro Magazine, Drupal Watchdog, and Mosaic. You can read an interview with me in which I talk about the cross-over between my craft and tech worlds.

I’m (tentatively) working on a fourth book on running and navigation.

Git For Teams

Best selling title from O’Reilly media. Covers essential skills needed to use Git in a team environment.

Collaborating with Git

Practical how-to videos to get you, and your team, up and running with Git. A complementary video series for the book, Git for Teams.

Available from O’Reilly media.

Drupal User’s Guide

Site building for Drupal 7. Includes in-depth information on Drupal’s most popular site building modules, SEO and accessibility. Two complete case studies are included in the book along with the tools you’ll need to build (almost) any Web site with Drupal.

Front End Drupal

The industry go-to for learning theming in Drupal 6. A great companion to Lullabot’s book, Using Drupal.

Last updated: 16 February 2020